1. Groundwork:
1.1. Excavation of trenches for foundation strips - groundwork is carried out mechanically with manual finishing according to the parameters specified in the project documentation
1.2. The building pit for the underground garage is designed as an open and un-sheeted one
1.3. The excavated material is removed and deposited based on the site location, quality of the excavated material and the required quantity of soil for landscaping

2. Substructure:

2.1. Protection of the foundation base before the lying down the substructure will be ensured according to the current building conditions, usually, it is made with a layer of gravel
2.2. The foundation strips are made of plain concrete complemented with foundation walls made of vibro concrete blocks filled with concrete mixture, structurally reinforced with horizontal reinforcement at the joints, wherever the height exceeds 750 mm
2.3. A monolithic reinforced concrete base plate for the underground garage

3. Horizontal structures:

3.1. Design and composition of the floor structure on the ground floor:

3.1.1. Compacted gravel sub-base
3.1.2. Reinforced concrete base plate
3.1.3. Radon barrier and waterproofing
3.1.4. Thermal insulation of the floor structure on the ground floor
3.1.5. Thermal insulation separation layer
3.1.6. Self-levelling lightweight screed
3.1.7. Floor finish

3.2. Design and composition of the ceiling structure:

3.2.1. The suspended ceiling is a combination of plasterboard ceiling and/or plaster on ceramic ceiling
3.2.2. Ceiling bearing structure - ceramic ceiling with reinforced concrete ribs
3.2.3. Self-levelling lightweight screed
3.2.4. Soft fibreboard
3.2.5. Impact sound insulation - Wolf Professional acoustic panels
3.2.6. Insulation layer in bathrooms
3.2.7. Floor finish
3.3. Lintels over doors and windows

3.3.1. The lintels over the doors and windows in supporting and enclosing structures will be reinforced structures in the form of reinforced concrete rings or system lintels
3.3.2. Lintels over doors and windows in partitions - system lintels

3.4. Reinforced concrete ring beam

3.4.1. Concrete
3.4.2. Reinforcement
3.4.3. Thermal insulation of the reinforced concrete ring beam integrated in the facade insulation

3.5. Construction of the inner gallery of loft apartments

3.5.1. The bearing structure of the gallery will be made of wooden profiles
3.5.2. The gallery ceiling will be made as plasterboard suspended ceiling
3.5.3. The flooring will be made as a multilayer floating wooden floor - oak
3.5.4. Railing – plain vertical railing/posts, profiled handrail

3.6. Construction of the loft apartment gallery

3.6.1. Bearing structure made of reinforced concrete projecting beams
3.6.2. The floor finish is made of wooden floorboards on flexible pads
3.6.3. The railing is formed by squared bearing posts and forged iron rods
3.6.4. The house gallery is covered with a sloping roof with ceramic or concrete roof cladding

3.7. Balcony construction

3.7.1. Bearing structure made of reinforced concrete projecting beams
3.7.2. The floor finish is made of wooden floorboards on flexible pads
3.7.3. The railing is formed by bearing posts and forged iron rods
3.7.4. The partitions between the adjacent balconies are made as a galvanized steel frame structure with lightweight panels made of wooden planks or imitation wood planks

4. Vertical structures:

4.1. Vertical supporting/filling perimeter masonry:
4.1.1. Brick such as Porotherm 24 P+D with 140 mm polystyrene facade insulation
4.2. Interior medium bearing masonry:
4.2.1. Brick such as Porotherm 24 P+D
4.2.2. Walls between apartments - brick such as Porotherm AKU 25, AKU 30
4.2.3. Reinforced concrete monolithic walls or pillars
4.3. Partition masonry:
4.3.1. Partitions on the ground floor and 1st floor: partition brick, such as Porotherm th. 75mm, 115 mm, 140 mm
4.3.2. Partitions in the loft: partition brick, such as Porotherm th. 75mm, 115 mm, 140 mm, plasterboard partitions

5. Roofing:
5.1. The building will be covered with a hipped roof:
5.1.1. Ceramic tile or concrete tile cladding
5.1.2. Over rafter thermal insulation system
5.1.3. Truss construction – combination of glued and squared beams
5.1.4. Construction of plasterboard suspended ceilings with partially visible truss structure

6. Windows and doors:

6.1. Windows
Plastic windows, double-sided oak tree imitation foil, double insulation glazing with U =1.1 W/m2.K
Skylights, such as “VELUX“, double insulation glazing with U =1.1 W/m2.K

6.2. Entrance doors
Plastic security door, oak wood imitation double-sided foil

6.3. Interior doors
Solid and partially glazed interior doors fitted in casing door frames
Finish – oak, beech veneer
Fittings – chrome

7. Surface finish:

7.1. Exterior plaster
Exterior thin-layer plaster with facade painting

7.2. Interior plaster
Walls - gypsum plaster with painting
Ceiling - gypsum plaster with painting / plasterboard suspended ceiling with installation gap

7.3. Floor tiling

Non-calibrated ceramic tiles:
7.3.1. In the common corridor, pram room
7.3.2. internal and external staircase in common areas

8. Plumbing elements:

Parapet gutters, flashings of dormers and above-roof components made of titanium zinc or copper
Exterior window sills are of system type, made of plastic, or aluminium sheet metal

9. Technical equipment – installations:

9.1. Water pipeline

Plastic distribution lines Water pipeline with an exterior tap to the garden in the apartments with front gardens

9.2. Sewer system

PVC HT, KG piping

9.3. Heating

9.3.1. Gas boiler independent of the indoor environment, with an integrated hot water tank
9.3.2. Indoor thermostat in the living room
9.3.3. Heating system
9.3.4. Panel radiators RADIK

9.4. Electrical installations

9.4.1. Cabling – Cu
9.4.2. Sockets and switches – TANGO – white
9.4.3. An outlet for a ceiling light in each room
9.4.4. Plastic switchboard in the entrance hall
9.4.5. A joint socket for an aerial and a telephone land line in the living room
9.4.6. Intercom in the entrance hall - connected to the entrance gate, or to the front door
9.4.7. Exterior sockets on the facade facing the garden in the apartments with front gardens

10. Paved areas:

10.1. The entire area of the courtyard incl. pavements and car parks (parking spaces) - traffic area made of interlocking paving


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