New units in Prague 4 - financing

New units in Prague 4 in the Šeberov Homestead project may be financed in co-operation with our partner GEPARD FINANCE offering professional services in consulting and negotiating the lowest possible mortgage in the market. GEPARD FINANCE will design for you optimal financing of our project.

What to do to obtain the best mortgage on the market? Based on your situation and by comparing all the current offers, the broker will draft the best possible form of financing of your new home in the Šeberov Homestead project. Thanks to the offer of our partner, complete possibilities will be presented to you, your requirements will be discussed and last, but not least, all formalities will be attended to for you. The services of GEPARD FINANCE are free for the clients of our Šeberov Homestead project.

How you can obtain a mortgage for a new unit in Prague 4

Financing for new units in Prague 4

  1. CZK 115 000 (incl. VAT) within 5 days of the signing the Reservation Contract
  2. 15% (incl. VAT) of the price of the new unit in Prague 4 within 10 days after the signing the Future Purchase Contract
  3. 85% (incl. VAT) of the price of the property within 20 days of receiving the notice that the occupancy permit decision comes into force, prior to signing the purchase contract

There are attractive new apartments in the Šeberov Homestead project
The new units in Prague 4 represent intimate living in a closed farm building. The project will suit clients who do not want to live in the centre of the city or in anonymous prefabricated blocks. Our new project in Prague 4 - Šeberov Homestead is prepared for you and GEPARD FINANCE is ready to help you find and obtain the best way of financing your new home.

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