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Homestead adaptation no. 508 for dwelling project in Hrnčíře

Homestead Šeberov new building - part "A", "B", "C" located in the immediate proximity of St. Prokop´s church in Hrnčíře reminding not so distant trace of history as the church. Together contribute to creating the urban focus of the former municipality of Hrnčíře. As a result of development of municipality as well as the social development, the agricultural use of the former economic yard disappeared over successive changes of usage and demolition in the end. However, Homestead Šeberov new building remind spatial generosity and yard dignity with its historical atmosphere. The atmosphere and the imprint of history which were succeed in creating this project for us, u can see in details as well as the whole determine principle of the new project which give the place a new energy and life. Non-functional, damaged original structures were demolished and cleared away and that all were replaced with modern ones, of course observing contemporary requirements on high-quality building - friendly to the environment and economical as far as energy consumption is concerned.

Compared with contemporary residential projects in Prague, this new residential yard is unique not only due to its location but also in the way how the new building define neighbourly living in original ground plan of former historical building: closed dwelling with central entrance to the yard of which purpose is not the stabling of horses and wagons, but quite unobtrusive "stabling" of the residents' cars - both outside and underground. From that yard, there are all apartments accessible with the space offering opportunities for neighbour´s chat or to check discreetly and spontaneously any strangers coming in. As all apartment´s entrances are oriented to one central space, they are all open to the outside with a view of the greenery of Hrnčíře which is another private side of this residential project.

Generous layout of all the apartments, preserving privacy in combination with a spontaneous identification with a single entrance - one address - one yard, genius loci of the place and a number of historical elements of this type of building, all of which create prerequisites for a high-quality residential environment with a unique character and atmosphere.

ing.arch. Petr Marušiak, NAUTILA ARCHITEKTI s.r.o.

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